Eco wearable.
Up-cycle your style.

The primary impetus driving my business is a passion for the environment and the integral belief that it is possible to create a range of jewellery which is produced ethically and made from sustainable materials.

I have a deep respect and appreciation for good design and draw on my years of experience as a designer to come up innovative solutions to jewellery design and production.

 My range of Eco-Jewellery is 100% hand made in Adelaide, South Australia. I up-cycle found vintage tin from local sources and re-make them into wearable jewellery pieces, transforming a once discarded item into ethical fashion and style.

I make quality jewellery for environmentally minded individuals who appreciate good design and are confident in expressing themselves boldly, where original design is key to their identity. My work is for people who are active and informed supporters of ethical style and a sustainable lifestyle.